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What is the greatest nightmare of working with freelancers ? Most employers will tell you it’s developers who tend to embellish their resumes and then spectacularly fail to live up to the expectations they set. Top freelance marketplaces understand that - and this is why GIGworke is an exclusive club, limited to software developers who pass the strict vetting process. Here’s how we do it.

For both Freelancers and Employers

What happens when you come to GIGworke

So, you are in need of a top-notch software designer ASAP ? All you need to do is click here, and tell us what kind of developer you need. You specify the project size, required skills and leave us your contact info. Within 48 hours, we provide you with 2-4 developers that are the best fit for your needs.
Since we are fully dedicated to providing you with the best freelancers in the industry, this is not where things end. You get to test developers’ skills for 8 hours, free of charge, to decide whether the match is good. And yes, we can do this all over again if you are not satisfied with our first choice.
If things go smoothly, all you need to do is welcome your new member to the team. Since our goal is to make sure both you and freelancers are happy, here’s our insurance policy - being 100% certain we work with the top talent.

How we test developers

Our goal is to keep the hiring process straightforward, efficient, and risk-free. This is not possible if we just let you wade through dozens of applications from freelancers who happened to be online when you posted a job.
This is why GIGworke is a small, exclusive club of software developers who pass three levels of tests before their profile finds its way to your inbox.

1. Technology and coding tests

Before we test developers’ skills, we categorize them based on their general area of expertise : backend developer, frontend developer, full-stack developer, mobile developer, and embedded developer. Each of them can be familiar with several programming languages, and we rigorously test their skills in Java, PHP, c#, .net, C/C++, as well as frameworks such as Angular, React, .Vue, Java SDK, Objective-c, etc.

Many freelance software developers tend to embellish their resume with programming languages and frameworks they are familiar with, despite not being actual experts. These tests make sure that every entry in the freelancer’s skill list is accounted for. On tests, they have to show us they know these programming languages and frameworks like the back of their hand.

2. Logical and mathematical tests

Being a top-skilled software developer is not only a matter of knowing programming languages and frameworks that are currently in vogue. Some things, such as creativity, analytical or solution-oriented thinking are timeless qualities. They make the difference between the average and the best software developers.
This is why our admission process includes a series of logical and mathematical tests that allow us to see the strengths and weaknesses of each freelancer. These tests also enable us to see which development team role is the best fit for a freelancer : project manager, analyst, architect, tester or programmer.

3. Reliability evaluation

Finally, we understand that top talent also requires a formidable work ethic and solid communication skills. To minimize the possibility of flaky freelancers, missed deadlines, misunderstandings, and unanswered messages, our software developers go through the evaluation process that lasts up to three weeks.
During this time, we monitor their reliability and ability to follow instructions, submit tests and assignments on time, follow-up on review requests, and deliver high-quality results.

What happens next ?

Once a candidate passes GIGworke’s admission process, they join our growing network of freelancers. It currently has more than 100 top skilled developers from all around the globe.

GIGworke is a global freelance software development platform whose sole mission is gathering the top talents in the fields of Software development. Our platform matches the employers with the best individuals or assembled teams, minimizing the costs of recruitment, onboarding and the risks of bad hiring decisions. We ensure this by a strong vetting process for freelancers, requiring workers to maintain the high quality of work, and offering solid hourly rates for the workforce
GIGworke, however, covers all the risks down the road and maintains responsibility for the work of the developers. This is why it is in our best interest to provide you with a seamless hiring experience and help both you and our network members build long-standing and strong professional relationships.

100% Satisfaction Guarante

In a rare event when you are not satisfied with the quality of work done as promised we will work together to make it right.

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